Sin-A-Mon : The Food Tales

Updated on 28th Nov 2010 : I have started a food blog finally and the further recipes will be posted there..

Please come by and visit

I love experimenting in the kitchen and try out new recipes, sometimes add sometime new to the existing age old recipe to give it a twist. Sometimes think only about nurition and sometimes totally forget it about.

Cooking is an art and hobby I totally enjoy, its a therapy to me and N claims that I cook the best when I fight with him 😉

I have been posting recipes on this blog regularly but now after the recent poll I took, I am making it a weekly feature as per the brilliant suggestion of Sols thanks dear for that. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

I will added the recipes that I have posted till now to this page soon and will keep updating this every week as “Friday Feast”

Main Course




Baking Efforts


World Cuisine


32 thoughts on “Sin-A-Mon : The Food Tales”

  1. way to go 🙂

  2. cool idea !

  3. Cool idea! love it. Getting ready for some yum recipes. Post cocktail recipes too. I can share mine too.

  4. Monix, Also post pictures of all recipes you blog. It tempts me to attempt it. 😀

    Do you have any easy-peasy yum kindergartener lunch box recipe? Peanut is starting her full day Kindergarten from next week. Fruits and juice are daily fix but I would love to give her different food daily.

  5. where are the pics ???

  6. Just call me 'A' said:

    This is a great idea Monix. I’ve been working on my cooking page too in my current blog. It’s so overdue. Realized that it’s better than having two blogs like I had before on blogger. So integrating my food blog with my current blog now. check this out

  7. HI Monika,

    I am a foodblog fan and hit upon bloghopping and blogging through them only and yes u are really great to treat us with so many dishes. I am going to savour them one by one. Now off to reading the post/ recipes one by one.


  8. Hey Mon…I have been “inspired” by your Cooking Page and have added one to my new blog too 🙂

  9. Lady, when am I invited for dinner 😛

  10. U mean I can gatecrash every Friday at ur place to have yummy home food:)) Give me ur address Monika. I’m going home in a couple of days time n gonna bake n bake n bake until the oven call it quits :))

    Look out for me at ur doorstep

  11. I came across your blog while googling for something else on net and I simply loved it.. Your style of writing is casual, simple yet pleasing.. Liked ‘header story’ thread as well.
    ‘Excuse me’ for reading about your weight loss trail.
    Wish you good luck with weight loss and happy cooking!

  12. This is wonderful, Monica 🙂 Am here after ages, I think 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, and your wonderful abilities here 🙂

  13. I just happen to reach this blog post ,your recipes around baking look interesting to me while I enjoy trying new stuff but I am not good at baking , do you want to suggest me a baking course in Bangalore which I can attend?

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