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So its that time of the year when we look back and see what happened in the last year, the things we did wrong and the things we did right….

Last year January started with a news that shook us up… someone close was in trouble and all of us were shaken (thankfully everything is sorted now)… not certainly a good start we thought but being the optimist that I am I thought and believed that the worst is behind us and all that I will see next in the year is good news 🙂 and started in the mundane routine tasks of life along with enjoying my son growing up…

This was also an year when one more illness got added to my never ending list… I was diagnosed with Gall Stones and the doctor scared me off his room with a suggestion for another surgery… sense prevailed in my head and I shifted to Homeo which is doing well for me…

But we were hell bent not to let January pass by with only bad news and hence ended it with a fabulous trip to the Heaven in South… Coorg and came back ready to take life headon and to help that loads of filter coffee powder

February is a month which always brings along with love, love is all in the air everywhere and this time in Feb I decided to focus my energies in shooing Mutalik away by the help of PPC 🙂 what great month it was the enthu and the love quotient the highest

March passed in counting my blessings, working really hard in office.. fighting a little with N and then making up with lots of love… Life was bliss

But life is not really fair, sometime God plays these ugly jokes and when u are happy it think its the right time to test you… April brought along with it the worst of the news that could be possible… my company decided to cut down on jobs and I was laid off, went into depression for while fought with everyone around…. and then I realized that what am I doing? Touched by so much love from the blogsphere and the people around me in real life… I decided enough is enough and made up my mind to make most out of the time I am getting at home and take a break for a spend time with Ojas…which has turned out to be an excellent decision….

May was when I thought that probably this b log can be my biggest stressbuster (which has turned out true BTW) and started the Blog-a-thon aks NaBloPoMo and posted 30 posts in 30 days in a month without missing a day… the sense of achievement at the end of it was something really nice and yeah in May I also did my move from blogger to WP, so May indeed was the month for blogging

June started with my pledge to attack baking and cooking with a vengeance… I started baking and fell in love with it all over again, we also took a lovely vacation in the tea heaven Munnar in June and its now topping my list of most beautiful places in South India no make that India and yeah that was also the month when me and N saw the great driving challenge and decided to take up the challenge 🙂 a challenge which required something we both love blogging (atleast I do) and driving, though we didnt make it but we had fun and thats all that matters isnt it?

July marked the most important month of the year with me taking a pledge to get my health back… to lose 20 kgs out of which I proudly say that I have lost 10, not too fast but I am good with the pace… and I am happy that I have been able to do it!! This month will surely go down in my long term history as a golden month

August my birthday month, I am still a girl when it comes to birthdays… start planning it days in advance.. tell it to everyone who wants to hear and who doesnt want to hear but somehow I wasnt too excited about my birthday this year but N and a dear friend V made it up by planning that wonderful surprise birthday party…. Thanks for everyone who made my day

It was also a month when I completed 300 posts and got showered with love from all the blog pals which declared me as a HONEST person and thats something that matters a lot… I was flying in the air for quite sometime post that 😀

This was also the month Friday Feast saw the light of the day and my recipes started becoming more regular on the blog

Phew lots happened in this month, didnt it?

September gave me my first celebrity moment 🙂 I was recognized as a blogger, I was elated and terrified… and it has surely reflected in the way I write now… but a moment I will cherish for a long time

And October became my favorite month of the year with a 2 week vacation to my most favorite city in the world Delhi and my hometown 🙂 followed by the series of parties I threw for Diwali 🙂 I love being a hostess and I love festivals and I love dressing up and this was all rolled up into one what else do we need?

November was the month I started focusing again a little bit on my lost diet and excersice regime and also showcased my pride my backyard, my kitchen garden 🙂 a month in which N and me completed 5 years of marriage… phew isnt it long?

And with December came the end of the year again… which made me realise that my little boy is not little anymore he is become a 2 yr old now and I celebrated that with making a train cake for my little prince… something I will always fondly remember………

Its not been a easy year by any means but its been a year that made me proud of myself… A year in which I decided to make a house out of the stones that God threw at me… A year in which I took advantage of the time at my disposal and did some of the most important things in my life…


Hope u guys had a good year too… and wishing u a even better one ahead….

I will be welcoming the new year at a farm house with Born Fire, Bar-be-que, music, good friends & Vodka 😀 dressed up as moll in a mafia theme party… Hope u guys enjoy the new year eve too… See u next year which is just about 6 hours away