The Header Story

I love change and the qoute which goes like

Change is the only constant thing in life

is my mantra… as a result this blog often seens a face lift and when sometime back when I wanted to remember how did it my blog look like sometime back I couldnt 😉 so I have decided to store the headers that this blog gets in the page… For you to appreciate and me to remember 😀

April 2011 – the chennai memories

Jan 2011 – tribute to chai

November 2010

The Diwali header – one of my favorite festivals

Oct 27th – Celebrating Karwachauth

September 2010

17th Sep

rafting in river bhadra, chickmangalur

Celebrating Eid and Ganesha on the same day… the Ganpati pic is clicked by me but the Eid pic is from here

Remembering the garden of my previous house with the lovely bloom, Picture taken by me in my garden


The boat, the tree… the perfect combo… picture taken by me in Goa

Celebrating Onam and Rakshabandhan… Pics by google

The header for a day before I changed to the above one… picture clicked by me at Manipal County

The gorgeous roses at Lal Bagh Flower show, pic clicked by me

March 2010

Festival of colors, picture by google

Jan 2010

colors of republic of India

Lohri… one of my fav punjabi festivals…

December 2009

The header for the darling prince’s birthday… picture from Hitchy’s blog

November 2009

Celebrating 5 yrs of togethernes… me and N at our wedding

October 2009

In love with my city of birth… the capital of India… In love with Delhi…

Happy Diwali…. picture of the rangoli at my house clicked by me

Navratri and 9 days of dandiya 🙂

Glass and brass wall piece captured at Manipal County picture by me

Tender cocunut water…. yumm clicked at our ancestral village home

The bright pink blooms in my garden to brighten your day and mine… Picture taken by me

Another angle another view 🙂

Celebrating India and herself…my birthday is on 15th Aug…. header courtsey goofy again

The first fancy header that the blog got thanks to goofy and which also surfaces at the blog every now and then 🙂

17 thoughts on “The Header Story”

  1. 😀 This is fun, the headers are awesome Monika. They actually do tell a story on their own

  2. Beautiful headers all 🙂

  3. Beautiful.. i think its wonderful to have this place to store all the memories..

  4. Beautiful headers. This is Colorful India.

  5. o this is lovely…a complete book in itself … like the idea a lot 🙂

  6. You should do this page girl, you have so many many awesome headers. 🙂 Gorgeous.

  7. Wow, this page looks beautiful, Mon!! Loved it 🙂

  8. Gorgeous Diwali header.

  9. Ah ! What a collection 😀 !!!

  10. You know, I came here by mistake 😀 I love the headers.. they look so lovely. Great idea to capture it here

  11. Me luvvvs ur marriage header 🙂

  12. Put up the chulha header here Mons!

  13. The chai one is my favorite. 🙂 Not because I love chai a lot or something but because it is so well-captured. 🙂

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