Typically in the weekend on of the days is a egg breakfast day… N loves his eggs and in the weekdays the breakfast is usually some bread jam or stuff like that which can be eaten while driving 🙂 so we make sure we get our dose of eggs in the weekend… usually its is the bulls eyes or the omelet or sometimes the french toast, scrambled eggs but N decided to innovate couple of weeks back and came up with something called a “Omchilla” wondering what it is its a cross between an omelet and a chilla… i am thinking of copy writing the term

so here is how he made it:
1 egg
1 tsp gram flour
1 chopped onion
1 tsp milk
1 chopped green chilli
1 chopped tomato

Mix all the ingredients together and beat well..
Pour on the tawa and cook on both sides and enjoy with some crisps toasts…

I got inspired by him too and tried my hands on Stuffed Omelet and here is how I made it 🙂
1 cup chopped mix veggies (any vegies of ur choice)
4-5 jalapenos slices
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp soya sauce
1/2 tsp vinegar
2-3 drops of tabasco
1/2 tsp mixed dried herbs (thyme, oregano and parsely is what i used)
and ofcourse 2 eggs 🙂

heat the oil in a flat pan
put all vegies and stir fry for 3-4 minutes… they should not be raw but still should be crisp
add all sauces and fry for abt 1 min
make two thin plain omelets
in the center of the omelet put some veggies and then fold from both the sides
repeat for the second one and enjoy

We had a satisfying eggy meal 🙂

We also went to Vahan Yatra the same weekend… Both of us being driving fans and N being a total fan of anything that has wheels it was just so natural of us to go… Now I have gone to Auto Expo which happens in Pragati Madian number of times and in my mind was expecting something atleast closer to that if not that… but man the vahan yatra was a sad story… very disappointing… it was just in a closed stadium with some normal cars on display… I think it was more from the point of view encouraging the car sales that anything else… The only positive point I got to see Fiat’s 500 lovely car… but crazy price…

Attached to the Vahan yatra was also a furniture show and that was pretty decent… some nice and innovative stuff was there… N likes to see furniture a lot even he goes to Lifestyle etc furniture section is first section he visits… and ya I saw full capsicum pakoras for the first time in my life… its liked small capsicums dipped in besan and fried… pretty good I liked it actually

PS: I had this post in the drafts for some 3 weeks and posting it now only…