Path to Fitness

Long time back I started my path to fitness by Starting Project WR… It didnt work… I started the gym too  but the health issues were so much that I didn’t have too much of success there too.

I also joined FF initiated by Roop in search of some motivation and guidance but unfortunately it died a slow death… and so did my fitness trail…

Then in July 2009 I decided enough is enough and started my trail to fitness…

I started going to a diet consellor along with regular gymming…

Weight when I started as on July 19 – 94.3 kgs

Current Weight – 83.2 kgs

U can track my journey at

8 thoughts on “Path to Fitness”

  1. Congrats! May be you could post some tips to readers as well as become a good inspiration to burn all those extra calories 🙂

  2. I am tracking ofcourse… !!! 🙂

  3. You need to start a weight loss blog and inspire us all

    • yeah I am not able to handle one blog… i keep posting here though… get inspired lady 😀

      ok on a serious note, I need all the inspiration which is there… me inspiring someone is like whatever

  4. Dietary fiber, found in plant meals (fruit, greens and entire grains) is important for maintaining a healthy digestive program. Fiber helps support a healthy diet by helping you feel full quicker and for a longer amount of time, and keeping your blood sugar stable. A nutritious diet contains approximately 20-30 grams of fiber a day, but most of us only get about half that amount.

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