hmmmm… about me 🙂  this space has indeed put me into a lot of thought….and in the end I think I am every bit a Leo, good and bad 🙂 Wanting to live like the queen and being pampered is a trait running in my veins. Extremely fun loving party animal… Really patient at times and extremely volatile in the next instance…. and ya last but not the least a strong feminist who wants to fight for equality for women at every walk of life

this blog is primarlily to share my thoughts, rants and life in general… hope u enjoy reading it

41 thoughts on “About”

  1. wow… a party animal ?? and fighting for female equality… !!! lol…. now now… since when did animals start worrying about equality ????

    reading ka spelling theek karo !!!

    sab kuch mujhe sikhana padega kya ???

    *ducks the tamatar thrown* & *runs*

    hee haww…

    • monikamanchanda said:

      i think i have to send u back to school where they teach that man is an animal too 😉 homo sapiens ever heard of that 😛

      and ya ab kya karein aap WP layee hain tou sikhaana tou padega hi

  2. Welcome to wordpress, Monix. Hello from another party animal. I am sure you will love WP.

    • monikamanchanda said:

      thank u solilo 😉

      • swayog said:

        Hi Monika

        when i was checking about nutrewise, i read ur blog, i just want to know how successful was the diet plan they gave you, how was the result? i am desperately wanting to lose weight, i just need your suggestion pls, looking forward to hear from you soon..

  3. Hi monika,
    Shashwathi, a correspondent from bangalore mirror is doing a coverage BSNL Woes. I remembered your comment on my post and wondered if you can share your experience with her. Earlier she did a feature on the problems on my road and now things are fine here.
    If you are happy to do that you can mail her at shashwathi.bhanukumar@gmail.com. Or if you can mail me your phone number at Usha.vaidyanathan@gmail.com and I will get her to talk to you.
    I think we need to actively use the media to expose these inefficiencies rather than keeping quiet.
    Usha from agelessbonding

    • monikamanchanda said:

      going to shoot the mail right away ushahttps://monikamanchanda.wordpress.com/about/?replytocom=2918#respond

  4. hey subscribed to ur blog! hope to be regular now 🙂

  5. Hi!
    You’ve got a new reader 😉

  6. I m lil bit afraid from english …..cos i hate this language,but still its a global!!!

    I like your posts ……keep writing !!!

  7. Me not likey your current mood. Why are you feeling that? {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

    • awww sols hugs u are a darling

      weight not gone down in two weeks na

      • So what? Don’t feel dejected. If not today then may be tomorrow.

        BTW have you tried South beach diet? Couple of my friends (American and Indians/Men and Woman) have tried it and lost a huge chunk of weight.

        Details are on a foodie friend’s blog. http://blog.sigsiv.com/category/south-beach-diet

        • thanks sols will check it out… i know abt it though, the kind of diets and the workout programs that i have tried are unimaginable 😦

          u know my problem with these diets is only one… they are just not balanced and when there is a HUGE amount of weight to shed u have to think abt these things…

          if its some 5-10 kgs its ok u can go on a diet like this and manage later…. i have abt 25 to shed and hence I am looking for something more sustainable and more balanced and hence I have started going to the diet counselor

          will talk more on chat

  8. Monika,

    I found one of your messages on a forum abt maids. I am looking for a full time maid in bangalore. Wondering if you could help?


  9. Love your header. You had fun doing garba?

  10. Happy 2nd Birthday to little cutie pie Oju!

    Lots of kisshes and hugsies from Peanut and Soli auntie.

  11. It is always nice to see the good writing skill since there no boundary of learning (even the old thing in innovative way)! I felt an immense essence of emotion in your writing skill, and that really help me to get new horizon of writing blog!


  12. Hey as i was wandering through the blogosphere, i am across your blog. was thoroughly impressed with your weight loss posts and also with your DC. i wanted to know the city you are located in. Also if I can get in touch with your DC. I do have some weight issues, which i need to tackle. I did lose a lot and i mean a real LOT of weight. But currently cannot exercise, due to knee problems. your DC seems to be a very sensible person. Hence would love an appointment with the DC. You have my email address here. It would be great if you mail me.

  13. Nice blog. I just subscribed it.

  14. hi,
    read your quite interesting blog.. have just come out with my book ‘I, Romantic’.. would love you to check it out..


  15. Great Blog Monika. Been reading it for quite a while now (but never delurked!!). Really enjoy your posts !

  16. Hi, nice to meet you !

  17. Hi,
    Loved the header !!

  18. The header looks so bright & beautiful, Mon! Heres wishing you and your family a very happy & prosperous Diwali. Hugssss to Ojasdarling 🙂

  19. Hi Monika,
    Happy to connect with you on twitter, we will doubly happy to see you connect back with us @gourmise

  20. Hi Monika,
    Can you give me your email address. I need to speak to you regarding a project?

  21. Yaar amazing to read that you have recipies too… well i am another party animal. But i am equally spiritually inclined as well. have a look at my below article and other articles on the blog


  22. Lakshmi Loves To Shop said:

    I’m a Leo too…we can’t help being bossy…it’s in the stars 🙂

  23. Hello Monika,

    If you are wondering who is the silent reader of your blog from Mumbai since last few days…..It was Me….:-)
    I loved reading your posts (older ones too) and the recipes you’ve shared….thanks for that, will try atleast one this weekend…!!

    Keep writing….

  24. Your blog is an uh-may-zing read! I love your Sin-a-mon post! haha 😛 Catchy.

    I’d like to discuss some synergies with you. Please drop me an e-mail here: saniya@cashkaro.com or send in your number or mailing id?

    Blogging is your thing. Keep at it. 🙂

  25. sharon devasia said:

    just the right place one need to provoke thinking !! question reality! -)

  26. Hi Monika, great blog, I like your writing style. It is informative and simple. Thank you for sharing this blog. I love the simplicity of your writing. So, keep sharing 🙂 I would love if you would check out my blog posts http://adventurousgopal.wordpress.com and share your thoughts on them.

  27. Hi Monika! Great blog. Immediately attracted to your blog by the sunflower pic or maybe because I am a Leo too 🙂

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