The theme for the month of May in the challenge seems to be sweet… Now I know that it is extremely difficult to stick to sweet all 31 posts and anyways they have also mentioned thats its optional… but I thought I will atleast start with a sweet post 🙂

I have a papaya tree in my backyard and one day (quite sometime back) one raw papaya just fell down from the tree and the size of papaya from my trees was quite huge, I had once measured and it was about 3.5kgs and this one was even bigger… so the challenge was what to do with it… I toyed with the idea of papaya chutney but N doesnt like it too much and hence didnt want to do that with the whole papaya… I made some raw papaya vegetable but because of the sweetness it has it was rejected in my house 😦

Then suddenly a bulb lit in my head and I had an idea totally in style of the comic strips lol, I decided to try papaya halwa… everyone who heard that laughed intially but when it was ready it was over in a jiffy and it hence became a very sought after dessert in my house, I actually used to pluck raw papaya to make it

So here is the how I made it

1 kg raw papaya (peeled and diced)
jaggery to taste
dry fruits u want to add (cashew, almonds, raisins anything u wish to)
200g khoya (use can also put condensed milk if u dont have khoya, first time I made with condensed milk only)
2 tbsp ghee

Boil the papaya for 2 whistles with very little water
heat ghee and add the boiled papaya, mash it a little and roast for 5 mins
put the crushed jaggery and roast for another 5 mins
add the dry fruits and khoya, roast for 2-3 mins and its ready to enjoy

Trust me guys it was extremely tasty 🙂