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U can’t attempt to lose weight… sigh

The last weight/fitness update I did was eons ago… yes please go ahead and scold me I need it….

Let me make a confession here its been 3 months I have gone to the gym…gone to means been regular… the reason is not just laziness thankfully…. I got a terrible neck pain in Feb and since than I havent been able to do any gym… everyday I go to the gym the neck pain comes back with a vengeance… 😦 😦 I have shown multiple doctors and consulted a personal trainer too… practically my only option seems to be either walking or swimming…

And I can’t tell you how sad I am right now that I don’t know how to swim… I have resolved to find a way around this and get myself into coaching once Ojas settles down into school…

I am continuing my walks (they are not very brisk though) and was able to keep up my weight till the last update I did and that was before I started my baking course…

And in comes the baking course and everything is washed down the drain…. Seriously…. I am so damn angry with myself, I have put 1.5 kgs in the last 6 weeks… A very disappointing figure… The thing is when you make around 4-5 dishes in a day, even tasting everyone of them everyday does a great harm to one…

Could I have done without  tasting? May be? But frankly personally I think you can’t help but taste… mainly for two reasons

1. u have worked hard on it… since morning 10 to evening 4

2. u learning them and you need to know what is the correct taste like

May be my reasons above are wrong, may be they are not… but the nutshell is that I have put on some weight 😦 And I need to lose it again…

So now that the course is over I begin my weight loss regime all over again….

Brisk walks everyday and strict diet control are going to be the only things I will be able to do right now… hope I am able to change these depressing figures very soon…Wish me luck and yeah scold me if you want

Intial Weight : 94.3kg

Last update weight : 83.2 kg

Current weight : 84.7 kg