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The weight loss trail that is, the last update I did on the blog was really really really long ago and I havent been able to do much on it since than apart from adding on some weight on self 😦 I have been doing yoga for the last 2 months and it hasn’t helped me reduced any weight though I agree that its not up since than but I have a lot to lose so I decided last week that drastic times need drastic measures and just when I was thinking of going back on the diet that my nutritionist had suggested me last time I lost 11kgs (out of which 4 is back 😦 ) a friend A suggested that he has been following a diet from the book called “The 4 hour body” , the way he spoke about it passionately the book was ordered the same night from Flipkart and read with much gusto… loved the book and craziness in Timothy enough to try it… Its basically a slow carb diet where we eat as much protein and stay away from direct carbs… and there is a cheat day every week 🙂

So starting today morning I have started the diet and I am totally excited abt it… will keep u guys posted as usual, wish me luck please