Sigh 😦 My neck is almost broken… Terrible terrible neck pain started 4 days back and it is now diagnosed as Slipped Disc… I am defective piece I am telling u guys… Feeling so frustrated

As a result I have been under house arrest and will be so for the next 4 days with the physiotherapy guy coming home everyday and feeling terribly bored… Can’t  sit on the laptop for long… Can’t read for long… Can’t even play with Ojas for long…

What do I do???

And did I mention that I am feeling frustrated oh yes I did but I will say it again… I am feeling very very frustrated… whatever will happen to my workouts now… they are atleast gone for a month… entering a gym or running is out for a month and that finishes my dream to complete the blog25k 😦 😦 sigh…. why me????? always why me???????????