Sunday we were shopping in a departmental store and a couple started talking to Ojas… Not a very strange thing to happen… as kids are people magnet or chic magnets as N calls it πŸ˜€

I went upto Ojas to get him back and the guy started picking him up and the lady quickly said “dont pick him up, he doesn’t like to be picked up“… I was like what? And then she was like “Hi Monika, I am regular reader of your blog”

Though most certainly I felt good.. But it scared me a bit too… After the initial excitement settled in there was a unease that started creeping in… something that I was not too sure about.

I mean I chose to blog with my name, the pictures are all over and I am aware of that. I always knew this is possible, has happened multiple times to Art, has happened to Poppy (and that when they both are anonymously… I think its because of the kids) too and I am sure would have happened to many more of you. Does this scare you?

There was another incident which happened to me recently in which someone I talked to on phone about a prospective employment opportunity told me they read my blog regularly… I was at wits end that how should I behave with that person in the interview?

Is it the bad side of the blogging coin? Whats your take on it?

The other point here is something I have always wondered, why do people read and not comment? This is just one… how many more readers do I have like this? Come on guys please let me know u read me… Its going to make me happy… When I look at my ClustMaps and FeedJit, I have visitors coming from all over the world… What are they doing here? What do they like here? And will they come and say hi to me if I met them in real life?

Guys atleast say hi here πŸ˜‰

Edited to Add: Read this post by Goofy, specially this para…may be this is what I feel.. I know its my choice to blog and its no one’s fault but I am just penning down my thoughts too πŸ™‚

“Another issue that crops up with blogging is that readers assume a familiarity, we may not be comfortable with. It is a bit like being a celebrity. If I spot Tom Cruise on the street, I get the feeling of seeing someone I know, not just because I have seen his movies, but also because there is a lot I know about him, his family, his kids, wives, even marital woes and more. And that would give me a false sense of familiarity, and being a fan, I may try to express it. Tom Cruise on the other hand would simply flee, because he does not know I exist on this planet. Happens with bloggers too. If you read someone’s blog long enough, a feeling of familiarity creeps up, which is not felt by the blogger herself, and when the reader communicates with the blogger, it is with that illusion of familiarity, which the blogger herself does not feel, and that can get uncomfortable. So if I am talking about my insecurities about my in-laws on my blog, a reader I don’t know, can easily comment on that in a way which comes naturally to them through their feeling of familiarity, from reading my blog long enough, but it totally blows me off. And somehow neither seem to be doing the wrong thing in this case.”

PS: cross posted from Ojas’s blog with a little modification, for the sake of discussion