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Ok so here is the Back to Roots post… A brief of the trip we took the village recently…A Picture Essay I would say πŸ˜€

Before Starting from home, dont miss the dude’s style πŸ˜€


On Roadside and more


Food and more… specially for u guys… hitchy


Masti @CCD


The water bodies around the road, always have a calming effect… add to the charm of the road


Finally reached the village, Ojas enjoying the house totally…. I love the houses in the village


And we can enjoy too right, the tender coconut water directly from the trees and drunk straight was divine.. all scared me though that it will stain the dress…


And then the walk to the fields begin, total bliss


and I get space what else do I need πŸ˜€


the tree climber πŸ™‚


In and around the house… gorgeous place I tell u and dont miss the brat trying to find the treasure in that age old wardrobe


and some lovely pottery on the way back, each time I go there I pick up some… this time I picked up the pink and the blue one and no guys U cant understand this


Everytime I go to the village, I am so happy and I dont want to come back at all…N’s village is the first association I ever had with a village… considering mom had been completely brought up in Delhi and dad moved to Delhi while he was in college and before that too was in Jallandhur which is by no means a village , only thing that made me a little sad this time was to see the empty fields… Granny can no more manage the farm and none of us are doing anything about it,… Sigh!!!