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So here is my Friday update on the weight,

Weight when I started last week : 94.3 kg

Weight Today : 92.1

Total loss last week : 2.2 kgs

YAY!!! me is really happy… this is the first time I have ever lost such kind of weight, sometime back when I had done the detox (mainly liquids only) given by my yoga instructor also had seen only a drop of 1.5kgs in one week… I guess its the combination of excersice and diet which worked this time. Also defiently been off the medicines.

My diet counselor (DC) was also pretty happy with the results and said that this is the first indication that the body is responding and its good, however she has warned me not to expect this every week πŸ˜€ from here now an approximate weight loss of 750gms/week will be the target… lets see where it goes

This is my diet for the next week

Day 1 (NonVeg Phase I diet)

BF- 2-4 egg white omellette + 1-2 slices of bread

MM- fruit

Lunch – 2-3 roti + 3-4 fish fillets/2 pieces of chicken + subzi + salad

Evening – Tea/Coffee + marie

Dinner – 1-2 roti + subzi + salad

Day 2 (Oat bran -ve balance diet, basically last week’s diet) + 1/2 katooru curd + 1/2 katoori dal in the afternoon… I have even got permission to go and eat everything little little in the wonder boy Akki’s birthday party on sunday

Day 3 (Moong Dal Phase I diet)

Bf – Moong dal chilla – 3 + green chutney

MM – Moong dal sprouts

Lunch – 2-3 roti + 1 katooru moong dal + subzi + salad

Tea /coffee

Dinner – 1-2 roti + subz + salad

Day 4 (-ve balance diet)

Day 5 (Moong dal phase 1 diet)

Day 6 (Paneer Diet)

make paneer at home from defatted milk

BF – Paneer Stuffed Parantha (can use upto 10gm paneer)

MM- fruit

Lunch – 2 roti + Paneer (15-20gm) sabzi + one more sabzi + salad

After lunch (1.5 hrs ) – fruit

Dinner 1-2 roti + sabzi + salad

Day 7 (-ve balance diet)

Also some of u had asked me whats my workout schedule, so here is it.

Warm up 10 mins on treadmill

two sets of basic stretches

20 mins of the cross trainer

20 mins of cycling

some weights

some abs/crunches

20 mins of treadmill (alternate days)