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Note : This post has been in my draft for 3 days now and after a lot of courage I am publishing it now… guys be nice to me

I have been battling with my weight for quite sometime now and most of the regular readers know that, now how serious I have been can be questioned I agree… but I have been trying and I can say that we honesty to myself and I think that is all that matters…

For the last one year or so I have been trying to do gymming, brisk walking, GM Diet, 7-day all liquid detox diet and what not… I had joined Fitness one Trim program only to loose 5kgs in 3 months 😦

Now let me get into a little history here, its not that I dont loose weight at all… the problem is gain what I have lost right back.. my gym instrustor calls it a yo-yo effect… I will loose one week and gain the next

But most of all the problem with me is my medical history… which is no less longer than ramayana I think…. In Jan2005 I was detected with Uterine Fibroids after endless cycles of bad menstural cramps and monsetours flow… and hence I underwent aΒ  Myomectomy after 3 strong shots of GnRH

About a year and a half later in a routine yearly health checkup I was detected septate uterus and once again underwent a laproscopic surgery for its removal

Then God smiled on me and I conceived but I had a very difficult pregnancy during which I had toΒ  take harmonal injections and supplements for about 4.5 months and also 3 shots of steroids as the doctors were half expecting a premie… When I delivered I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that now the good times start but alas God had different plans for me…

During pregnancyI had a wrist pain known as the carpal tunnel syndrome which is very common in pregnancy and for the unfortunate 5% continues post delivery too… needless to say the pain continued for me… and after a battery of tests I was comfirmed as a likely case of what my doctor called as a typical case of post partum Rheumatoid… and hence subjected to a series of steriods

As if that was not enough I was detected as having gall bladder stones too…

Ok enough of sadness and frustation in the post, good news is this that the earlier all problems have obs gone and for the last two I have switched to homeopathy and that means the end of the dreaded steriods and now when that happened I thought of getting at the task of loosing weight with all my energies…

So on the suggestion of my gym instructor a some friends I met a dietcain yesterday, Anju Sood is someone who stays very close by and is PhD in Nutrition… And I think I liked her from the word go… she had asked me to bring the medical history and she seem to understand everything there, she discussed everything with me after taking my weight, height etc…

Now I have never been comfortable putting the nos and all in open but I think I need to do this now and Priyanka and Muchkin’s mom have given me courage too… so here it goes

Height – 161 cm

Weight – 94.3 kgs

BMI – 36.4

Now the ideal weight for anyone my age and height is about 60 kgs…but after a lot of discussion and delebration with the dietician and the gym instructor we have all agreed that currently we would target for somewhere around 75kgs-80kgs and then give the body time to adjust to the new weight so that it doesnt revolt… then after being in that weight for about 4 months or so and will start the further reduction and will see how it goes…

Also both of them seem to agree that the medicines might take some time to flush out of the system and hence after the one month we will take stock of the situation and if there is very little weightloss it might just be that I would not be ready for the weightloss right now in which case we would postpone this whole excersie for 3 months and till such time I would be continuiting my brisk walks and maintaince diets…

So guys wish me luck, this month is crucial for me… I want to be fit again… I am fed up carrying so much excess weight around… I am fed up of the vicous circle that it has become now… not healthy because of wieght and not able to lose weight because of health…. will do weekly updates on this.

And here is the diet details for those who are intersted,She takes a lot of things in consideration while making the diet urlifestyle, eating habits, blood group and family medical history…

General Instructions:

  • Morning on getting up : 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water + 1/2 lemon + 2 drops of honey
  • Drink about 3 ltrs of water a day
  • eat 3-4 fruits a day (not all permitted πŸ™‚ )
  • Can eat 8-9 Marie biscuits in a day
  • For making rotis atta should always be made with 50% whole wheat + 50% oat bran
  • No sugar – can use 5-6 tablets of sugar free natura if I want
  • Dinner – to be finished by 7:30-8:00 pm
  • light stroll for 15 mins immediately after dinner
  • exercise as per the workout plan atleast 5 days a week on days that u cant do brisk walking for 30 mins

For the first 8-days she has put me on Oat Bran negative balance diet

  • bed tea + 2 marie
  • BreakfastΒ  – 2 stuffed paranthas/big bowl of namkeen dalia/sandwisch with 3-4 slices of bread
  • Mid morning 1.5 hrs – 2 hrs after breakfast – fruit
  • Lunch – 3-4 rotis + subzi + salad
  • Evening tea – tea/coffee/fresh lime/tender cocunut water + Marie
  • Dinner – 2 roti + subzi + salad

And anytime I am hungry inbetween I can eat my quota of fruit and marie biscuit.. I cant take dairy products or pulses for 8 days after which the diet will be revised..

Keeping my fingers crossed lets see how it goes… the first target is 3-4 kgs in one month