Aren’t those weekends the best which are spend with friends, last weekend was one such when Imp’s Mom and Imp came visiting like I said in my previous post.

They came on Friday night…. Imp and Ojas bonded like long lost friends after the initial period of shyness they both pretended to have 😛 We went to planetrium, saw Kung Fu Panda 2, fell in love with Po again, eat ice golas, played in the park with the kids, ran after the kids in the mall and later in the night had a drink followed by spicy chicken curry and dosas in a small hole in the wall joint (those are the best meals I tell u) and during all this we chatted and chatted and chatted about everything under the sun… right from discussing blogger and tweeps to shoes and dresses and the kids these days and the some serious heart to heart talks… Its so amazing how relations move from a mere person u read to being such close friends….

We had a nice tweet up for sunday brunch following which they went back and with heavy hearts we said good byes to each other hoping that we would meet again soon :)We loved every minute of the time spend Imp’s Mom and imp 🙂 and yes we loved that anjeer ki barfi that u brought too…. 😛

So tell me how was ur weekend