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I actually have no update at all this week…. my weight still stands at 86.0 kgs which was the same 2 weeks back… I really dont know why… I am doing my XBX and cardio religiously , my diet is on track… well almost but I have done deviations before and much more than I have done this time..

The only reason that could be behind is that my periods are delayed by 10 days (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT πŸ™‚ ) … My DC says there is nothing to worry and I have done some changes to the diet so lets see what happens…

Hoping for a better update next time

At the same time I am wondering what kind of morons and sadistic world we live in… I have been getting a lot of trolls on my weight loss update… seriously demotivating trolls….


take time skipping on mini trampoline during tv commercial would do.. :)

now what kind of comment is that??????????

I have been following your weight loss for sometime now but never wanted to comment since i did not want to upset you. I have over 20 years of experience treating over weight patients and i specifically specialize in dieting using ayurvedic methods. I am also a senior instructor on aerobics and fitness training.. I can tell you from my experience you are fighting a loosing battle. See, you body structure is heridetary, ie.. it is not your fault so stop fighting it..accept the reality and move forward with life. The harder you try , the bulkier you are going to get once the diet process stops and it will soon because you body will stop reacting to these rapid changes.. my advice is just sit back , relax and let nature takes it course.. you will soon realize BIG is beautiful

the same person comes back to add

you need my honest opinion i would say you are wasting your time because once you stop you are going to gain double the weight you lost within half of the time it took for you to shed. This process is faster among
Sindhi’s, thank god you are not a sindhi..so you have nothing to worry.

GOSH……….. should I really thank god I am not a sindhi and how the F@#$ is he sure I am not one??????????

And many more like that some of them from site which claim to help u in weightloss, I am wondering what these people get out of this?