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and I from allepy, I speak Mallayali but I am just like u…

My name is jaswinder and I am from Chandigarh, I speak Punjabi but I am just like u…

This is how it begins and continues to introduce all Indian states and their languages… think I am out of my mind no no I am talking about Karadi Rhymes that I have Ojas has fallen in love with…

Ojas has been reading some Karadi Tales from quite sometime now and the other day when showing Ojas the standard Old MacDonald on YouTube I stumbled on this rhyme

and Ojas started merrily dancing to it, monkeys being his current favorite animals to be honest even I felt like dancing on the brilliant catchy tune…I explored a little more and found the rhymes to be awesome

The best thing I like about these rhymes is their Indian-ness… I mean its great to hear Old Macdonald but I want Ojas to grow up on something more Indian… Tulika books was the starting of and Karadi has taken it a step forward… and me likes it specially now when the granny are not always around to carry the tales forward I think its so much more important for these things to be there

To qoute them directly

At Karadi, we believe in Indian rhymes for Indian kids. We create rhymes that every Indian kid can relate to – our rhymes are about mangoes, not daffodils; bhelpuris, not apple pies; kites, not surfboards. Most importantly, these rhymes are not just for children – they’re for adults as well.
These rhymes are set to simple Indian ragas and make for easy and fun learning. Sung magnificently by Usha Uthup, these rhymes are for you to sing along with and dance to.

And I can vouch for the fact that they are for adults as well… whenever its playing me and N keep stealing glances on the TV 🙂

Their are rhymes about Kites, colors, mangoes, rivers, monkeys, tea, sambhar, train, cricket… everything that a child enjoys and at the same time there are rhymes about Indian culture, festivals, religion…. And the run time of one CD is about 25 mins so even if Ojas watches them twice a day it doesnt get me too worried 🙂

One of my favorite is this one

listen to the rhyme the simplest fact of life… we all celebrate alike…

Eid is here on the cresent moon night

Friends we greet, Relatives we meet

Sweets we share ,New clothes we wear

Diwali is here with lamps and lights so bright

Friends we greet, Relatives we meet

Sweets we share, New clothes we wear

Xmas is here on bright december night

Friends we greet, Relatives we meet

Sweets we share, New clothes we wear

All religions one way of celebrating…simple yet profound a feeling that I would surely like to imbibe in Ojas…

My only complain I wasnt able to find the CD’s in any store 😦 and then I ordered them online and bingo it was delivered in 3 days…

Surely a set of rhymes that I would recommend