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I love I just love Jagjit Singh…

His voice has a charisma and feelings that is beyond explanation…. and oh the lyrics that his Ghazals have…. Can never get enough of it…….

How much ever I try I can never ever pick one ghazal which is a favourite

I think the first ever ghazal I heard of his was the very very popular Yeh Daulat bhi le lo

I loved it back then instantly but now when I hear it, every word is like brilliant… I just want my childhood back

ye daulat bhii le lo, ye shoharat bhii le lo
bhale chhiin lo mujhase merii javaanii
magar mujhako lautaa do bachapan kaa saavan
vo kaagaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii

muhalle kii sabase nishaanii puraanii
vo budhiyaa jise bachche kahate the naanii
vo naanii kii baaton mein pariyon kaa deraa
vo chahare kii jhuriryon mein sadiyon kaa pheraa
bhulaae nahiin bhuul sakataa hai koi
vo chhotii sii raaten vo lambii kahaanii

kadii dhuup mein apane ghar se nikalanaa
vo chidiyaa vo bulabul vo titalii pakadanaa
vo gudiyaa kii shaadii mein ladanaa jhagadanaa
vo jhuulon se giranaa vo gir ke sambhalanaa
vo piital ke chhallon ke pyaare se tohafe
vo tuutii hui chuudiyon kii nishaanii

kabhii ret ke unche tiilon pe jaanaa
gharaunde banaanaa banaake mitaanaa
vo maasuum chahat kii tasviir apanii
vo kvaabon khilaunon kii jaagiir apanii
na duniyaa kaa gam thaa na rishton ke bandhan
badii khuubasuurat thii vo zindagaanii

Some Trivia from Wiki

Jagjit Singh was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. His father Amar Singh Dhiman, a government employee, was a native of the village of Dalla in Punjab (India) and his mother, Bachchan Kaur from Ottallan village, Samrala. He had four sisters and two brothers and he is known as Jeet by his family.He was raised as a Sikh.

He went to Khalsa High School in Sri Ganganagar and then studied science after matriculation at Government College, Sri Ganganagar and went onto DAV College, Jalandhar to graduate in arts. He is a post-graduate in history from Kurukshetra University.

Some Trivia from me : he went to the same college as my dad at the same time and used to live in the street behind them πŸ˜‰ and yes while we are at it… its Dad’s happy birthday song…. Dad wishing u a very very happy birthday

I so love all ghazals by him that I am really at a loss on which to put here and which not… I have also attended him live 3 times and everytime has been awesome

So u guys tell me do u like him? What are ur favorites and I will put them here πŸ˜€

Edited to Add :

Prats favorite

hitchu’s favorite

our anthem while making the house

PS : and yes guys make ourself proud of the blog samaj we have… lets gather as many votes as we can for the deserving Hitchu………