Pratically the last weight loss update I did was on Oct 13 and is Dec 11 today… sigh thats almost 2 months 😦

I feel ashamed of myself  but its so damn difficult to get into the groove after you come back from a vacation that too a long one…. Every day I would think that I will start today and everyday something or the other will hold me down… basically its nothing but the will and the damn laziness but last week I decided that enough is enough and started back…

I feel so good to have got back in the routine that I cant tell u, I think there is a great amount of satisfaction u get when you do what u want to do and when u see results even better… hope to stick to the routine now

and as for the numbers 🙂 here they are

Initial Weight : 94.3 kgs

weight before the break : 84.2 kgs

weight after the break : 85.8 kgs :(all this is due to mom’s food I tell ya

Current weight : 84.6 kgs

The good thing about this is that I put only around 1.5 kgs after doing no workout at all and binging on the food like crazy for about 7 weeks or so and out of which I was able to shed almost all in a week… So in the long run I dont think I will put back all the weight I lost immediately after I stop like people are scaring me