Yaay its time to celebrate…. if u are thinking its about diwali… no no no no…. this is about the weight loss…

And here is the update

Initial Weight : 94.3 kgs

Last update weight : 86.00 kgs

Current Weight : 84.2 Kgs

and that means the total weight loss is 10.1 kgs!!!!! I cant even explain the joy I am feeling now… When I started the journey about 3 months with my diet consellour I had no hopes, my confidence was down the dumps and had totally given up on it… but she showed me a new hope… motivated me to get on it… stick to the diet and to the workout plan and yet not give up on life… I have had enough deviations and enjoyment in this three months… multiple vacations and some days when I have even thulped but we have managed it later…

I also went through a plateau in between and how we worked through it was so interesting, she actually put me on rice diet for 3 days and I reduced my workout and the scales started dropping again. I think this is where professional helps matters, I would have probably never thought of doing it myself ever…

And now I am waiting for the next milestone… when I hit the 70’s even if it is 79.9 πŸ™‚ and that is when I will get myself a tattoo too πŸ˜€