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Guys someone pls to pinch me …

so here is the update

Intial weight : 94.3kgs

Last week weight : 92.1kgs

This week weight : 90.2 kgs

This week drop : 1.9 kgs

Total drop : 4.1 kgs

wow!!! i am happy with myself and this diet 😀

but gosh touch wood… I think I will put a kala tikka image here … kala-tika

but next week is a different story altogether… we are going on a drive followed by a farmhouse barbecue dinner…. and then there is rakhi on 5th… lets see what happens

anyways here is the diet for next week rather 10 days this time.. she is travelling plus i am not going to have a deviation for 2 days

Day 1 : deviation just do sensible eating, lost of water, fruits and no rice and milk products in the night

Day 2: -ve balance diet

Day 3 : -ve balance diet

Day 4 :  Moong dal phase I diet

Day 5: Deviation again (rakhi)

Day 6 : Paneer diet

Day 7 : -ve balance diet

Day 8 : -ve balance diet

Day 9: Moong dal phase I diet

Day 10 : -ve balance

It actually feels like magic, I am eating quite a bit but still loosing weight… hope the magic continues