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I heard of him the first time I went to his small little just opened Teafe with a friend D

I met him the first time a little while later when I was at chaipatty again for a fleximom community meet, promptly the twitter handles were exchanged and we followed each other..

And hence began an endless interactions, sometime later he posted that he is looking for someone to supply desserts to Chaipatty, I read the tweet responded saying I would love to but not sure I can do it.. Sin-A-Mon was still an idea somewhere in the head and not really taken shape. We met over an awesome cup of kulhad chai again and he made me believe in myself, that yes I can do it. He was so understanding and encouraging of someone who is afraid, going to get into the business world for the first time. He made me comfortable saying lets give it a shot and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t

We started and there has been no looking back for Sin-A-Mon, for chaipatty and for the friendship it brought along with it. We have come a long way now where we scold each other if we don’t get to speak for a week… we pick up the phone and bounce off ideas, crib about difficult and unreasonable customers, catch up on drinks and coffee. Someone with whom I have come to such a comfort level that we were planning a business venture together

He is a person who is ever so positive, I remember the other day I called him very frustrated with a customer who wanted to discount and tasting samples for a 12 cupcakes order she wanted to place and he told me arey whatever happens happens for good, think that u got rid of her and now know how to deal with such people 🙂 Today I sit here and wonder what is the good God wants to show us in his accident 😦 He met with an accident on Saturday late night and has been in coma since then. He is starting to open his eyes once in a while from yesterday evening which is a very good sign.

Today I ask you all to join me in praying for him, for his fast and full recovery, for him to be back to his cheery, happy and loving self. Heart in heart I know he will, he has to there is just no way out for him