I have been trying to wean Ojas from the bottle to the sipper and the other day when I came back from the office the communication looked something like this:

ME : did he had milk in the evening?
Maid: yes didi
ME : sipper main ya bottle?
Maid : (fumbling) nahin sipper nahin piya
ME : did u give sipper first
MIL : ya she gave he was refusing… crying

Then later in the night conversation with maid
ME : did u mix horlics with milk when u gave in the sipper?
Maid : sipper?????
ME : evening u gave sipper na???
Maid : (badly fumbling…)haan voh haan voh
ME : (scolding already…. )sipper diya tha ki nahin???????
Maid : nahin madam aaj nahin diya

Post this explained to her calmly that its ok if u do anything wrong but dont lie etc and why I am trying

But my problem is not that, can someone explain WHY MY MIL LIED??????

I am speechless and hurt….

why do mil’s trust maids more than their own DIL’s???????