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Dear Best Friend 

Should I start the letter by “Hello, hope you receive this letter in the best of health”. That’s how we were taught to write letters in school , the school both of us went to. 

Dear Best friend, We have grown up together. From the days of my childhood when I remember playing hide and seek with you and the others in the street and you saying “mujhe den banna nahin aata” (I don’t know how to become the den), to the days of teenage and discussing about our first crushes, moving on to the excitement of first boyfriends and kisses. The class stories and the scheming against parents. Those long evenings and nights where we pretended to study together and those 2 am poha and maggi. That spending the whole day together but still standing at the gate for 30 mins to continue talking. 

Listening to “Nothing gonna change my love for you” in endless loop and dreaming of our respective boys, those fights too. And then trying to behave as if it doesn’t matter where actually in the heart all we need is a good talk and then when the fight is solved, going on to talk like we haven’t met for ages irrespective of the fact that the fight never lasted more than a couple of hours. 

As I am writing this letter to you I realise how much I miss you, how much I miss the days of growing up. The days where I had someone always to turn to chatter away, just to be around. As life moved on, we did too and truth be told I have made many more friends. Many friends that I am close to, even friends that I share my secrets and feelings with but there is something about you that I miss. The hanging out, the carelessness, the love 

Just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts always, I may not always call you but I miss you and I know that whenever we meet we will just pick from where we left