So last week I was having a discussion with a friend who said she has a new boss and she is so frustrated that she wants to vent out. I suggested writing and sending to me as a guest post. 

So here I hand it over to a dear friend who will talk to you about her new boss 🙂 


After 4 years of working with a boss who is located at a remote location, one tends to get very efficient,you know. You learn to multi task between writing reports, slogging over excel sheets, reading blogs, commenting all over, reading the news, even operating twitter once in a while. Midst all this, you learn to take out time to even answer official emails from official email id. Gmail, of course is on all day. I mean, both mails are equally important eh?

Midst talks of having a local manager which have been going on for 3 years, you just tend to take the latest guy coming over to join as manager a bit lightly. I mean he comes to meet the ‘team’ and you are sure he will be like the others and wont join anyways. Until one morning, you get a THAT mail that he is indeed joining next week.

And then…

1. The guy comes and shows off his seniority. Joined yesterday and today tells you are over- utilising hours without knowing the head or tail of the project you are working on!

2. Or he tells you that the report you have been churning out foe years now with a decent readership lacks depth and is inattractive. You wonder if he even read that report!!! And inattractive? Errrr…okay…whatever!

3. Or has this horrible habit of sneaking behind you (mind you, he wears shoes which make No sound at all) and peering into the desktop screen of yours, ugh!

4. Or keeps taunting about the fact that you are the ‘oldest in the system’ and will know everything!!!

5. Or takes up a portion of your work, works on 1/5th of the portion and tells you to just ‘wrap it up quickly’

6.or asks you to gather information on something but then tells you NOT to share it with the lead office but just send it to him!

7. Or expects you to be his admin assistant plus do your usual work!

Its irritating, bugging and frustrating. And surprisingly after a couple of weeks of ‘constantly only working’ you realise that your productivity has actually dropped!!! If you worked on 10 reports a week in addition to surfing through the virtual world, you are able to do only 7 reports now.

Not done I tell ya! I am wondering whats a good way to tell the folks on other side of the sea, that I would prefer working without a local boss…especially a character who is as fake as they come!!!