I think I have said it before but sometimes one thing needs to be said over and over again

I DO NOT APPRECIATE JOKES ON WEIGHT, or skin color or height. Basically I don’t understand jokes made on anyone’s physical appearance.

I often wonder what is that makes us laugh on people who are fat or are not fair or very thin or very short. Is it how they choose to be? Do we even realise what this could do to their self respect or image? And I am not saying this just because I am fat and I have been a target of such jokes almost all my life. 37 years of my living and I don’t care a shit about them. I have learnt to ignore them, turn a deaf ear to those who are cracking these jokes.

But something happened over the last two weeks that has made me think again, in one of the workshops I was taking a child told another child that you won’t be able to do this “since you are fat” and walked away smiling actually almost laughing and in a minute I saw that smile vanish, the twinkle in the eyes of the little boy vanished away for a second before he probably decided in his mind that no he will not cry and I saw a forced smile returned back on his face but I could see through that fake smile very easily. I have been there myself, way too often during childhood. I just went and hugged that boy and gave him a task to do and kept wondering if I should have a small little conversation with that girl who had called him fat but I never did and then we got busy with the rest of the workshop

And then today a group I am part which has friends I am close too, cracked a joke about my weight. I know they don’t mean bad, that we are all mostly (actually almost) just cracking jokes and having fun by insulting each other, that’s the way the group is but suddenly that joke again reminded me of that little boy and the sadness in his eyes for a spilt second before he put on that fake smile for the world again and it reminded me of the fact that why I don’t find these jokes funny. I also feel that till we adults stop cracking these jokes, the message that goes to kids is that these jokes are ok.

Reminded me that more often than not while we laugh for a minute on the joke, we don’t even think that unnecessary comment may be scarring a little child or even a big person for life.

So folks can I just request you next time you want to make a joke on someone’s weight or height or color do think about how that person feels for a second. It probably do you some good too