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I have been kind of running away from this post all of December and January, resolutions don’t work is what I have realised in the past some years. I even joked about not keeping any resolutions this year via the very popular bitstrips

This one makes sense doesn’t it?


But then as January is progressing and I am sitting on bed nursing a sprained ankle, I am realising that there needs to be some planning done on how you want the year to turn out, how you want the year to look. The challenges you want to take this year. The goals one wants to achieve. I might or might not achieve everything but then if I don’t even know what I want to do, there is no chance of doing it anyways.

So lets on my list, a goal list, a resolution list, a wish list. Call it whatever you want to but here it is. Must warn you before you go ahead of this post, I have a gut feel this one is gonna be one long one

Lets start with where we are now, the blog


So this one had me thinking hard, 6 years ago when I started the blog I had no plans in my mind. It was just a random penning down of random thoughts. I grew with the blog. I grew away from it too sadly for a while but overtime I have realised I a calmer person when I write here regularly, nothing special even an update on what’s happening, my travelogues, the recipes and the reviews on the food blog (the food blog has survived better than this one I think). It’s a small target but I have decided to write atleast 52 posts on this blog in 2014. That makes it’s a post a week. I can do atleast this much. What you do think people.

While on blogging, I realised I have also stopped reading them,specially after the reader died a death that I hated. I never got around transferring my feeds (yes I am stupid like that) and hence the reading kind of stopped. So feedly will be setup and reading will start again. Commenting shall also be tried though really can’t promise that one 🙂


Coming to the next in my list, reading and books. Last year wasn’t bad with about 80+ books but this year I have set myself a big goal. I have taken up the goodreads 2014 reading challenge of 100 books in 2014. Yes you heard that right. I might be mad but that’s what makes me me.

And to add-on to that, I saw the RandomHouse Bingo Challenge this morning and it called out to me so the 24 out of those 100 books will have to fit this pattern. Gotta keep things interesting


I will be updating the progress of the reading challenge in my page Reading Corner, which I haven’t updated in such a long time, 2010 to be precise *hangs head in shame*



Well this one almost always is one of the most important parts of my year planning but the last two years we haven’t taken a single long vacation. We have done many many trips, the one to Mugilu, Sinna Dorai, Kufri, Linger, the big drive to Delhi on road, Agra and many more. But all these have been small breaks which I know will keep happening. This year I want to do that long 10 day holiday where we tune off from work and the rest of the world for 10 days, come back refreshed and charged.

Also this was in my list last year too but last year sister got married and most of my off time went there happily. This year I want to do that solo trip, to start with a three-day weekend all by myself and my books and yes ofcourse my camera


I have a detailed plan charted out for work, which I really won’t be sharing here but yes I have it and will be tracking it 🙂


In 2013, there are some relationships which are special to me but somehow somewhere got left behind. This year I will make that effort, put that energy in those and see if I can revive them like seriously.

I know life is about moving on but sometimes holding on is very important.

Another very important challenge I have given myself when it comes to relationships is the Orange Rhino Challenge. I read about it first time on Aparna’s blog and god it came at the right time. Just that afternoon me and Ojas had a yelling match and he told me the nth time that why am I shouting on him everyday these days. Reasons of yelling could be many but when I look back reasons of not yelling are always more. It needs strength and it needs patience (which I have very little of) but I think I will try this one, I THINK I NEED THIS ONE.

Tips –
Read this one, I am sure you all will be nodding and this one

Ok : While on this I need a counter up which will work on WordPress, essentially not a javascript one.

When I told Ojas about this one, you know what he told me. Lets do this together and call it a Blue Rhino Challenge, such a sweetheart he is. This one is a huge one, the one I am capable of failing in a day. Wish me luck people

and yes health and weight loss doesn’t feature in this list here, cause I will continue to do what I can on it without getting depressed about it. I am working on it and I know it 🙂

So here is to 2014 and the joy and success