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So the results are here

Drumrolls for R’s Mom and Mohsina Yasmin please

here are the winning responses (selected by Four Fountain Spa team)

Mohsina said

It would definitely be my husband . Hubby is a Training Coach and hence stands on his two feet for a gruelling 9-10 hours every day , 25 days of the month . It doesn’t end there , he hops from one airport to another through out the month and sleeps at 10 different hotels all by himself . So he’s literally on his feet for about 12 hrs every day , training those who are on their feet for a job in sales at electronic stores selling iPads/iphones/macs etc .
I have never met a more sincere & passionate hardworking human being . To top it all , his love and commitment to the marriage is no less than his job . I’m not sure if i’m the perfect candidate with my little write-up but he’s such a perfect blessing :)

R’s Mom said

Ah Interesting eh? I can think of a 100 people I really want to gift the spa coupon to, but the one who tops the list is my mother in law.

1. She has NEVER been to a spa ever
2. She doesnt believe in spas and massages, she says they are a luxury and believes she cant afford them :)
3. She is one of the most hard working woman, I have met in my life. Wherever she goes, she is always helping out, doing things, etc etc. I havent seen her sit still for a minute

I think she needs a break, she needs to experience the bliss of going to a spa and she needs to learn to sit back and enjoy some tender love and care and learn what pampering is all about


congratulations to the winners and please do mail Sakina at sakina.b@thefourfountains.in and she will send you the e-vouchers

And thank you so much everyone for taking part in the contest