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DSC_1133When a friend has written a book and you pick it up, it’s always a tough situation. What if you don’t like the book? What if it doesn’t match up to the expectations you have from your friend. Will your friend’s funny bone reflect in the book or will it fall flat on your face. These were some of the thoughts with which I started reading “The Spy Who Lost Her Head by Jane De Suza”. Jane is a fellow blogger (blog link) and has become a friend too. Her blog Jane Kidding is a hilarious read I kid you not and that is what reflects in the book too.

The book is about Gulabi, a village belle who comes to town to search for her man, her BEMBA (read the book to know what it means, I am not gonna tell you) and turns into a James Bond style super spy. The city takes Gulabi with surprise and the effect of Gulabi and her Queen English is similar on the city and its people. In the process of finding her Bemba, Gulabi, who somewhere becomes Pink Rose in the book, lands with an additional head which she inturns loses and creates a mystery.

The book is a roller coaster ride of humor, I kid you not when I say that there is no moment in the book when you will not be laughing out aloud. The characters are very well defined and clearly seem to have a mind of their own. Whether its Gulabi herself or the landlord which she keeps forcing to believe is her Bemba, Tanya the other roommate and a journalist who tries hard to turn the village belle in a city girl.

The only little small crib I had from the book was that the climax somehow seemed a little rushed to me. Else it kept me laughing and engrossed through and through.

In the end like I said on Gulabi’s FB page “me spending two nights with you. Laafffing too much and then crying with laffter. My head is hurting with laffter but I am still spending night with you. Gulabi you are too good. My Bemba might get angry with me but I am still spending night with you laffing :)”

Go pick up the book now and I promise you won’t regret.

Rating 4/5

Book The Spy Who Lost Her Head by

Authors  Jane De Suza

Price Rs 250/-

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