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Yes being bossless aka being an entrepreneur. Most of you know I turned one about 1.5 years ago when I started Sin-A-Mon : Blissful Bakes, Today morning when I was thinking about what to write about and what came to my mind was bossless, I probably no its not even a word but what the heck and then I realised I haven’t ever written about being an entrepreneur for some strange reason. I haven’t ever written about what it is running a company (I know its not a big one but still its a dream which is coming true), I have never really written about what is it being in food industry.

I have been sitting on this post for the whole day and wondering what to write, the problem is not what I should write, the problem I am facing is what not to write, I have so much to share that it is becoming totally confusing, for once I am at wits end on what to write and what not, I should have listened to me my inner voice and wrote here more enough. So what I have decided is to list down the top few memories that I have of being an entrepreneur good as well as bad.

1. Being featured as a Google featured business, now Sin-A-Mon has got a fair amount of press *touchwood* but there is something special about being picked by google to be a google featured business. For days when I got a call/mail from google on this I couldn’t sleep… I was flying high in the air, pinching myself and wondering if this really has happened

Sin-A-Mon Google Ad2. The moment when you get good feedback from a client, about how the cake or cupcakes you made mattered so much to the occasion, that how the stuff was polished. It almost makes me forget the looooooong hours I spend standing and baking

3. On the day when Sin-A-Mon turned one, I did a little cupcake decoration party for kids at Anand Vidalya, which is a trust for underprivileged kids and runs an evening school. Most kids were excited, happy and delighted to decorate their cupcakes, the creative things they did with spoons, sprinklers and cream was amazing and then there was this one boy with his toothy grin, he at the end of the workshop came and told me “thank you aunty, I fun.. I had a cupcake first time” I just can’t describe the explosion of emotions I went through at that time


4. When I met Rocky and Mayur from Highway on my plate, oh godness how I love those folks and when I met them I was flying in air. Food celebrities are the celebrities that excite me πŸ˜€

dsc_00805. In one of the kids workshop I was running, I was really tired and exhausted and there was this darling girl who sensed it and came fed me the cookie that we had made in the class.. I swear I melted away

155133_411041152283169_1966688033_n6. Couple of weeks ago, I walked into O’s room and overheard a conversation he was having with his friend… goes like

F : oh I feel like eating a cake

O : lets ask my mumma, she makes the best cake and I am not saying just like that, I will show you facebook where lots of people tell her she makes best cake πŸ˜›

So either I have been telling him too much about FB or about sinamon πŸ˜‰

7. One day when I had a bulk order and was baking till late in the night and N came up to me with a couple of tea and told me how proud he is of me, now you need to know N to know why this one is so special. He is a reserved, not so vocal person. Someone who thinks and feels that feelings and emotions need not be spoken about and when he said to me I think it became a memory for lifetime

8. But along with all the good things always come some sacrifices, some not so good memories… the worst is the one when one morning ojas came to me and asked “mumma before you used to pick me and drop me from school always, now a days since you have started sinamon you arent spending enough time with me” I swear on god, I could give up everything in one moment and go back to being a SAHM but then that wouldn’t be me I guess

and after jotting down these memories I have realised if I dont stop I will keep going on and on and on so I will leave u now and come back to more stories in some other soon enough… till then do read this fab piece by a friend – 10 things to know if your wife decides to be an entrepreneur, I swear to God each one is true πŸ˜‰