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This morning I woke up totally forgetting about the date 1st April inspite of remembering its 1st of April.. Sounds funny eh? What I meant is that I remembered that today is 1st April but totally forgot about the April’s Fool Day , got up and went about the Monday morning bussiness as usual. Saw a friends post on her FB page saying

Get me maximum likes for Saffrontrail Facebook page from your friends and I will be your personal homechef for a week. Go ahead, share this-what are you waiting for?

And in my love for Tam bram food, I instantly shared it on my wall

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.05.49 PM

And that is how I royally got fooled today, an april fool I say 😛 so how was ur april fool’s day… made a fool out of some or some made a fool out of you? Do share

PS: I am starting on a brave attempt of doing A to Z blogging challenge all of april… Wish me luck and hope u enjoy the ride with me 🙂