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What happens when a fellow blogger and a friend want to torture you, they tag you in a post LIKE THIS 😉 Pallavi darling did a post on ten P’s of her life and tagged me and Tanu on it and guess what. I have been so busy that I didn’t get around reading the post yet, so when I met these two girls for dinner yesterday (stares at P because I havent seen the pictures yet :P) imagine my surprise that I was tagged and imagine my shock when I knew what I had to actually do.. sigh ten M’s that define my life? huhn? all I could think was monkey and margarita’s 😉 and while I was whining Tanu was so seriously cribbing about what to do with T apart from terrible, terrifying 😛 or terrific. So we both decided to make it funny… so here are the ten M’s of my life





Moscow Mule


Manhattan Loving

Monkey Bar going


and man-mauji bandi 🙂