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I am a driving fanatic is no news to the regular reader of the blog and most regular readers know would know that husband is an automobile fanatic too. So when there was an opportunity from Blogadda to review the new Tata Indica Vista D90 I lapped it up really quick 🙂

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The car was allotted to me for 3 days so that I can experience it fully, I thought it was a wonderful initiative by Tata Motors and Blogadda. When the car arrived last Saturday to my house, I was out and as soon as I came home I took it for a drive braving the Saturday evening traffic.  The first thing that strikes you is the space in the car which is excellent considering it’s a small car, especially in the back seat where my really tall friend V felt comfortable too and pointed out the same thing.

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The car has a fabulous suspension which feels rock solid on road and makes the ride very comfortable, the horrible speed breakers in the city don’t really break your back and that to me is a huge plus considering how Bangalore is full of those ugly ones. Also what we liked about the car was the handling and the driving comfort which is basically a result of the brilliant suspension and a refined engine, the combination makes the car a pleasure to drive.

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The car has a decent music system which though gave me a little crack here and there when we were tuned into the radio but the sound quality when playing a CD is pretty decent. It also has the feature where you can connect your mobile phone to it and use it as an integrated system, we tried it with all three phones we had, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Nokia and it worked seamlessly with all of them. It certainly is a feature that will aid one’s city driving considering the pace of life we lead these days.


The plastic quality and finish and the general interiors of the car are a big improvement on the usual tata ones, much better than before. It also has a driver information system which tells you – the average of the car, kilometers that the car will run before the next refuel (which for people like me is a big plus, I am always running to the petrol bunk when its almost at the end of its reserve, because I keep forgetting, the reminder in your face I am sure will be useful) apart from the time and the temperature.

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The think that I didn’t like much in the car was the fact the gear box could have been smoother, it is jerky and the gear shift is not really as smooth as it should be. Also on the ratting is noticeable when you are on high speeds. The other thing that I thought was the sluggishness of the car till it reaches 2400 rpm. So when you start the car and till you reach 2400rpm it feels really sluggish and as a result you need to down your gears pretty often to be able to keep up your speed and pace.  However once you reach 2400rpm the pick is fabulous and it reaches 4000rpm like a breeze. Peaks out at 4500rpm and between the 2400rpm and 4500rpm it almost drives like a petrol car.


Truly we had pleasure driving the car around for 3 days and at the end of it when they came to pick up the car they did a small video shoot which made me so embarrassed, I have told them to share it with me when its ready and I will share it here when I get it. Till then some final words on the car by the driving crazy family

N says

“It was a pleasure to drive, I think with Vista D90 Tata has finally got the small car right and a car which is capable of giving Maruti Swift a run for its money”


“A small car which is ideal for the city drive with its driver information system, integrated phone support, an ideal car for the busy lives we lead these days”

And O says (yes when we are both saying something, how can he be left behind)

“Looks good, like the speed which it goes after 2000rpm, I like the speed”