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From a few days old me who needed you so badly, who had only you to rely on in this world

From a few months old me who had started discovering things around but still needed you and your touch

From an year old me who had just discovered walking but wanted to run and whom you had guided so tenderly

From a four and half year old me who loved you to bits because you got me a sister but hated you when you took care of her

From a 12 year old me who was frightened like hell seeing blood on my underwear, whom you calmed down with so much love

From a 15 year old me who hated you when you tried to get me home early, when you tried to tell me no its not safe

From a 16 year old me who will be forever indebted to you for making her the fearless girl she is

From a 18 year old me for loves you for understanding me when I told you about my first boyfriend 😉

From a 20 year old me who was proud of her mom who said she will be ok with anyone I bring home for marriage as long as I am aware of who really the person is

From a 25 year old me who rebelled that she will not marry early whatever happens even if that meant running away from home to a different city

From a 31 year old me who was a new mom herself a bundle of nerves but who still thought its better to refer to books and blogs than to listen to u

From me now (and u thought I will tell u the age huhn? :P) who understands atleast partly what a trouble those 35 odd years would have been dealing with me, who know struggles dealing with her 5 year old and remembers you 10 times a day 🙂

Happy Birthday Ma