Some days everything around you seems perfect but yet something seems to be missing.

Some days everything you have seems enough and more but yet you seem to be wanting more.

Some days everyone around you seems to love you but yet you seem to feel unloved.

Some days whatever you have around you doesn’t seem to be enough though really you know it is

Some days… and today is one of those days. I woke up so listless, so uneasy but still can’t put a finger on why this feeling?

May be its the news around me and the fact that we can’t seem to do anything but outrage.

May be its the fact that I don’t know where to go professionally from here?

May be its the fact that my little child is becoming bigger and needing me less (damn the empty nest)

May be its the fact that I am so badly craving for a pet but keeping a dog in a apartment seems like a torture to him

I am not sure, someday I will know may be… till then all I have is some days and may be’s