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Couple of days ago, I was reading some of my old posts, reorganizing my blog when the thought hit me that damnit how long it has been since I wrote anything here, infact how long it has been since I wrote anything. Ofcourse there have been some posts on the food blog but those too have been far and few. I went through a series of emotions at that time from being sad and depressed to being angry on myself. Blogging has been a medium which has given me a lot, in terms of friends, in terms of self satisfaction, in terms of creative outlet, in terms of recognition and I felt that I have cheated the medium that gave me so much… A little extreme reaction may be yes but that is what I went through at that time. Once I slept over it I had a madder better plan. I had decided that I will write everyday in the coming month, the post can be on this blog, the food blog or the photo blog. I have done blogging marathons before, succeeded some, failed some but mostly at the end of the month the feeling has been great.

When I posted that I am thinking of doing this on FB a couple of friends showed interest, I made a group and soon our number grew to 21 (as of now its standing at 39 members) all of us with a determination of bringing blogging back in our lives 🙂

But what makes this one even more maddening is the fact that this month, this December is going to be super busy for me, its a month when the business of baking is at an all time high but nonetheless I am hoping that I will make it through specially if you my dear readers keep pushing me through

So with this I leave you with a few Rights of a Reader, something I saw on FB and want to treasure forever… the reader in me approves of this a lot 😀

417039_303953009722506_73652149_nPicture Courtesy – Duckbill

To join us this month, send an add request to the Marathon Bloggers FB Group

And help us spread the word around by using this batch made by the brilliant Swati