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Generally speaking I am not a morning person at all. Actually I am a night owl. Give me night over morning any day. I can be up till very late in the night infact I can be up till morning but as me to get up early morning and you will have a very cranky and itchy person on hand for the full day

But there is one exception to this and that is when I gotta hit the highway, gotta go for the drive. I absolutely love highways early in the morning. For the start we can avoid the dreaded traffic πŸ˜‰ but also the fact that everything looks so beautiful and fresh at Dawn (yeah but only on the highway ok? ;p) witnessing the sun rise between the trees and the road


the dhabha walli cutting chai – stronger than chai can ever be


And who can we not talk about the breakfast, whether it’s the hot paranthas with extra butter in the north, kandha poha in the west or steaming idles in the south breakfast tastes better

Currently as I type this on my phone I am enjoying yet another lovely drive and for this one I demand a Nobel prize as I got ready at 5 am wearing a saree, things one does for being a good Bahu πŸ˜‰