Yes a month of everyday blogging but not NaBloPoMo. Some days back both me and Sups were cribbing on twitter that how we need another month long challenge to start writing again and later she tweeted to me saying that a bunch of bloggers have come together to blog through the month of October, some days on topic of choice and on Mondays and Thursdays of every week on a selected topic. It seemed like an exciting challenge and I said yes, the word got around and 8 bloggers came together to form Bloggers united Smile

However this month the challenge I am taking is to write a post eveyday and I am going to spread it across my blogs depending on the topic I chose that day.

Today we do a ten on Tuesday, so here are ten random things I have been upto

  1. I am starting a little late on the challenge but damn I was traveling u see Winking smile and yes travel has been good to me to this year, just came back from a short break at Coonoor yesterday and had a blast of time at the small quaint town (more on this soon)
  2. I am missing Delhi again, come festival season and I start missing delhi so much. Its been 10 years but the feeling doesn’t go away at all
  3. I am missing my mom even more than I am missing Delhi, the last I met was in Feb and its been what, no please don’t calculate and tell me. Sad smile
  4. Ojas has vacations and is driving me up the wall. God how they need entertainment every waking second of their life is amazing. God grant me more patience for next ten days
  5. On the line of CSA, we have started Women against Violence month and the stories have began to come, heart breaking but yet the ones which require and need to be brought to the forefront
  6. I am missing most of MasterChef Australia this season because when it comes in the night mil wants to see serials and when it comes in the morning ojas wants to see cartoons and afternoon at 2pm we are having the damn power cut.. imagine? I think its high time I bought tata sky plus so that I can record it and watch.
  7. Life of a mother is never dull as I said on twitter/FB last week. Ojas on the first day of his holiday decided to jump from the staircase, had a bad fall and gave us the scare of life as we had to rush him to emergency for a CT scan. Thankfully all is well and he is fine now. These kids I tell *rolls eyes*
  8. I am also slowly realising that I am turning into my mother when it comes to ojas, oh the horror. God help me and God help ojas Smile with tongue out
  9. Tomorrow I am doing Kanjak at home, the joy… will be making halwa, poori, chole yumm yumm yummm
  10. I so want the iPhone5, iWANT iWANT iWANT

so tell me what have u guys been upto?