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Before I go to the next trip (yes Leh it is on Thursday) I thought I might finish the previous travelogue so that I can come back and start fresh, read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 before this if u want

So after having a sumptuous and satisfying lunch at Temple Bay we proceeded to explore the rest of the ECR which has many many good options if you ask me, on the way up we had seen a coupe of tracks with ATV (all terrain vehicle) and being the driving freaks that we are we were very keen to try it, so the next stop we did was one of those and heavens we loved it all of us including Ojas (a tip here there are two tracks there one closer to chennai and one a little further away on ECR, the one further away is a better bet. The ATV’s he has are in better condition, the helmets are cleaner etc..)


After spending a good adventurous time in the track we proceeded to another place which was in my must visit list since I had planned this trip. Dakshin Chitra Chennai, a place where cultures meet, lovely handicrafts are sold. A place which is all about culture of the four south Indian states. I am a sucker for exhibitions like these, dastakar, Delhi Haat give them to me any day over the popular markets.. (well errr I love the markets too Winking smile)

One of my most favourite handicrafts that day, bought the car one for ojas room and sigh I still haven’t put it up


The whole concept of Dakshin Chitra is about showcasing houses of all four South Indian States, it was so nice to observed the differences and yet some similarities between the houses. And one the house from Chittor area of AP is exactly how N’s granny’s village house is… so we spent quite a lot of time there comparing small things which we have back in the village with what it was there. Some of the artefacts and display pieces just stole my heart


There were many artists at work too, the potter, the weaver and Ojas had a good time observing them at work and asking questions


There was also a play area for kids in which predictably Ojas freaked out Smile with tongue out


There is also a shop there which sells handicrafts item which though a tad expensive has some excellent stuff that I picked up

Post this we headed back home, freshened up and braved the chennai traffic (which BTW sucks) to meet a close friends family for dinner. We caught up with them after a long time and it was such a pleasure

The next morning I had to do what I couldn’t the previous day and had breakfast at Murgan Idly, when I think of it my mouth starts watering all by itself again Smile  and post the breakfast I met the lovely uma for coffee, chatted with her while the boys went back for another round of ATV driving, post that meeting we spent some quality time with family again and alas it was time to head back to Bangalore.

Everytime I go to Chennai I get a strange feeling, I fall in love with some parts of Chennai and absolutely hate some more. I love the fact that there is so much to do there, I love the food there, I love the fact that it has beaches. The city has a soul which it stands by beautifully. But I hate its weather I can’t stand humid weather and Chennai is like a advertisement for humid weather. But more than anything what I don’t like about Chennai is the freedom I have in bangalore, I can wear anything here and walk down the streets without a second glance. I can easily walk up to a booze store, buy what I want and come back home. In chennai stares if you wear even a jeans are not uncommon. Another thing I don’t like about Chennai is the fact that they are so rigid about their culture, agreed thats what has helped them preserve it but still we don’t need to be policing all the time do we? So what I have with Chennai is a love-hate relationship. Love to visit the city but will hate to settle there Smile with tongue out 

So with this we complete the chennai chronicles.. untill next time Chennai you will be missed

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