and no I haven’t the blog and you guys yet. Just that life has been playing a bitch off late. Health is not upto the mark, things on the work front are not moving as I would like it to be and had a huge huge problem in terms of a mother of all a@#%le I got as a tenant, refused to pay me rent, refuse to leave and the way he has left my house it feels like it was a horse stable more rather a house for people. You think I am over reacting see this pic, a part of the bedroom flooring and trust me when I tell you this is not the worst

For the life of me I can’t understand how they managed to ruin the floor to this extent, the bathrooms are stinking from a km away the garden has been uprooted I just don’t understand what kind of family lives like this 😦 Never mind currently I am just thankful that they are out of my house and I am rid of them.

So currently my days are spent alternating between doctors and hospitals and masons and mistris and I tell you its not fun at all.

So whats up at your end folks