Have been wanting to do that since ages but not getting the time to do it all so today while driving to nandi hills for bicycling trip I decided to use the time sitting in the car to write a post 😉 benefits of an iPhone are never ending I say he he

So coming back to 4 books man this is becoming tougher and tougher how do I select only 4 from the many many I have read (actually what fun it would be to know exactly how many I have read till now alas good reads and other cataloging services are very recent) so what I am gonna do here is list the four books that come to my mind first could be the favourite could be not but I am sure it’s somewhere in the top if its coming to my mind first

1. The two Indian epics that is Ramayana and Mahabharata both in the modern adaptions though jaya and palace of illusion for Mahabharata and ashok k banker series for Ramayana. Some day I want to read the originals too though some day

2. Three men in a boat – love love love the book

3. Kite runner – I don’t think there is another book which deals with human emotions so well the book made me cry the book made me smile the book moved me beyond words

4. Lolita – a classic in it’s own way it deals with a issue close to my heart in a brilliant way