So today is the day to talk about food and nothing gives me more happiness he he I am a foodie to the core, so much so that I finally started a food blog too sometime back. But Five foods hmmmm this is going to be difficult only five I say 😉 nonetheless I will try

  • Kadi Chawal – specifically made my mom I swear nothing in this whole world compares it. I have written about it on this blog many many times already I think and no I dont take the south Indian, rajasthani or sindhi version as a replacement. There is nothing like punjabi kadhi chawal 😀

  • Fish/Prawns – why am I grouping this together they do are of the same type right… actually I would say sea food absolutely love it and in most forms I love them. I actually turned vegetarian for 5 years and it was fish that lured me back to the meat eating camp, even now I don’t care much about chicken mutton etc. Its the fish and prawns that I love

  • Mangoes – Sigh I absolutely love them in all forms, raw mangoes, ripe mangoes and the very surprising thing about mangoes is that I grew up almost hating them, never liked them. The whole house will sit together and enjoy mangoes and I used to focus on my musk melons 😀 but now I love them

  • Crumbles and Pies – I absolutely love fruit bakes, whether its the humble pies or the yummy crumbles they are most certainly one of my most favorite baked goodies… the balance of the fruit tartness and the baked crust is just divine
  • Samosas .. sigh what can I say apart from the fact that they are what they call the bane of my diets 😛 and if there is some jalebi along with it bas kya kahena

PS: All pcitures are clicked by me