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Six places, I have been wondering on this yesterday shal I write about my 6 favorite places or 6 places which are on the top in the to visit list 🙂 In the end I have decided to do the to visit list

  1. Leh – and that is happening this year a month from now. I think its one of the most anticipated trip will ever have. Been planning it for years now and finally its happening *touch wood* can’t wait
  2. London – for the sheer magic of culture and history it goes in my must visit list
  3. Venice – I am a die hard romantic at heart do I need to even say anything else
  4. Grand Canyon – There is something about it which draws me to it… dying to see it
  5. Bali – the sheer magic that I feel when I think about it is amazing, one day I wanna do a bag packing trip to Bali and I am clear that is how I want to explore
  6. Sundarbans – Last but not the least this actually tops my list currently. I so have to visit them