I am going much slower with this 10 you challenge than I would liked to but life is busy, a lot is happening these days and I just can’t seem to keep up with everything, days get over I realise they have started and weekends sigh I wonder if they ever come but when I sit back and think what was I upto I swear I really can’t reply in anything concrete 😦 however I digress as usual so today is the day to talk about wants… hmmm whats life without wants, everyone has loads of them all the time and here I am trying to list mine

  1. Good Health – Its been years I have been dabbling with one health issue or the other, frankly I am fed up and I don’t know what to do. It seems like I am in a terrible rut one thing leads to another to another which leads to the first again. And hence nothing gets all right 😦 I am fed up of seeing doctors, I am fed up of medicines and I am just fed and I want good health back
  2. A job I like : A job I like and pays me as much salary that I was drawing before and yeah on my flexi terms 😉 I am asking too much 😛
  3. Clarity of mind : This seems to be another thing totally eluding me… Cant seem to make up my mind on anything these days. The state of mind these days is like thoughts are dancing around in my head, fighting for floor space with each other all day long
  4. DSLR : its been in my list like forever, everything else gets bought but for some reason this just keeps getting pushed forever 😦
  5. World tour on my mobile home : something I want to before I die, the top most item in my bucket list
  6. Domain for myself : this has been something I have been debating with myself for so long. I want for sure, but the effort involved in shifting the blog etc just keeps putting me off it
  7. Love : Being loved and loving someone is the biggest want of my life and touchwood I have it too 🙂