hmmm so we have to talk about fears today, isn’t it a fear in itself. I mean we all avoid talking about our fears why? are we afraid of talking about them? Do we fear that they will come true if we talk about them. Anyways enough of philosophy early morning and here are my fears

  1. Fear of being crippled and dependent – I fear this more than death. Fear the day when I will need support for the smallest of the things
  2. Fear of Old Age – yes I fear old age, wonder how will I react at that age. How healthy will I be? How lonely will I be? How will I cope with everything on my own. How the hell will I spend time
  3. Fear of Losing Loved ones – I think this is one of the biggest fear I live with. I dread and pray every day morning for their well being, and I am sure we all do
  4. Fear of Lizards – Eeeks I hate those creatures, live in perpetual fear of them. If I see them in my house means the night is gone for sure
  5. Fear of not being needed anymore – Yes lets face it its great to be needed and I fear the day when no one will need me may be that will lead to no one wants me
  6. Fear of missing a flight or a train – I behave like a total paranoid the days I have to catch a flight/train and its a running joke in our house that if they she has a flight to catch stay away from her. she’ll bite Smile with tongue out
  7. Fear of not being able to talk – its no secret that I love to talk. I can’t imagine myself in a situation where I can’t talk. Damn I sometimes think I should dare myself to do bipasana just to see if I survive and may be I can get over this fear atleast
  8. Fear of not having any fear – I think our fears give us strength to deal with life and to deal with ourselves,yes I fear the day I will have no fears at all