So today is day for talking about loves… 9 loves after all life is a lot about love

  1. Ojas – at this point of time if I am asked to chose only one thing in this whole damn universe it will be my son.
  2. The better half – Its unbelievable how I think I have found peace and contentment in life with him, its just feels that we two were always meant to be together. Pieces of jigsaw puzzle which just fit together seamlessly
  3. Books – I need to read, I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t. Books are a major part of my life. They are truly what some call them food for thought and fodder for the brain.
  4. Music – Music is healing, music is therapy, music is something that words can’t define. My headphones have always been my saviour when I was in full time work or now. Whether I am in the kitchen or on the laptop or on the go music is always on and BTW the latest obsession is Coke Studio. Just love it 
  5. Travel and Driving – I think if there is one thing that connected me and N the minute we met it was driving and our love for traveling and exploring new places. If we don’t step out of the city for more than 2 months we both start getting itchy. Seeing new places, exploring new horizons is something I love
  6. Baking – Aaah well you all know about it don’t you? Baking is therapeutic for me. Its like when I am mixing, beating, folding the thoughts in my mind are sorting themselves out. And when the aroma engulfs the house a clarity and calm takes over my mind. only if it could stay that way Smile with tongue out
  7. Writing – Whether its here on the blog, or for my own private viewing or for the book that I dream to write someday. Blogging and writing is something I have grown to love and treasure
  8. Friends – I think we all realise what they mean to us and that includes you too my dear readers
  9. Me – Last but the least I love myself and I think its really important for everyone one of us to do so

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