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As if you all didn’t know enough about me already I have decided to take up this 10 day You challenge that I saw on Preeti’s blog loved the idea behind it and hopefully would get me into a serious rythm here again 😀

So here are the 10 secrets..

  1. I go on and off a diet atleast 10 times a year…sigh I love food too much for my own good
  2. At this point of time I have several options in my mind on what to do next and I am throughly confused. I dont think I have been so confused ever in my life
  3. I have started enjoying online shopping a lot in fact so much that there are times when I think going to a store is a waste of time *checks her own pulse*
  4. I hate detest malls, I think they are what they call the biggest evil in cities right now
  5. I miss miss miss mexican food in Bangalore. There is what u call a desperate need of one here
  6. I love drinking milk yes there I said it 🙂
  7. For 30 years of my life I hated mangoes and now I have turned into a biggest mango lover you can find
  8. Healthy and oil free cooking in my obsession. Can’t forget it even if I try very very hard
  9. Child and women rights is one topic I can’t keep my mouth shut on, I have got myself in trouble many a times for speaking out on them when may be I should have ignored it like many others. But how much ever hard I try. I just can’t
  10. Contrary to what everyone would think I can’t make my mind on Slut Walk. Have too many thoughts and views. May be I should do a post