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So after the adventure at snake park we reached mahabs finally and the first thing that hit me was the heat damn inspite of the morning being so nice and it drizzling off and on it was really hot, sultry weather is the kind of weather I hate the most.In delhi too I could still stand the dry heat but the july-sep will totally get to me… and as a result we had an ice cream as soon as we parked the car he he… and we proceeded to see the temple and what a beauty it was, all was forgotten and while we looked around the temple… with one stone beautifully carved monolithic structure amazing…

When I visit places like these I realise how rich India’s heritage is…. a old fort, an old temple everything with a history attached to it, only if we could maintain it a little better… We really need lessons in that both the common man and the government well govt needs a lesson in everything and that is a different matter all together 😛 but as usual I digress let me come back to Chennai chronicles which seem to be never ending dont they 🙂 What we were also greeted were with spell bounding sky view… clouds lined the bright blue sky and one could stare at them for hours, figure out shapes, see the birds that came and went, observe the sun play hide and seek with the clouds…

And the child went mad ask why he got sand everywhere he say to play with and mumma never said no 😉

What I also loved in Mahabs was the rocky beach, I love rocky beaches, love anjuna goa too I think they have a charm and I love waves coming and hitting on the rocks and receding… how it mirrors life is amazing isnt it?

We didn’t really spend too much time on the beach though neither could we go and have a look at ruins on the other side as it was beyond lunch time and ojas was getting crankier and hungry so we decided to head over to Temple Bay for a late lunch. We got a table outside by little man using his charms aah the benefits of having a child with you 😉 with the outstanding picture perfect view we eat brilliant lunch and beer… we ordered I think chicken kakabs, a pasta and another veg dish the name of which I have completely forgotten… but nonetheless the food good though on the expensive side and I reco it for the whole experience and they serve lovely iced tea as a welcome drink

to be continued… I am wondering will my Chennai chronicles ever get over 😉