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Her mind is full of contradictory thoughts and emotions…

should I dare, sometime I will have to do it anyways…

or may be tomorrow today doesn’t seem to be the right day…

Lost in deep thought she gasps at the number staring at her. 879 posts….

with a heavy heart she marks all as read and starts a new chapter


Yes my dear friends that is my real story in a 55-er, so if u have anything you wrote in the past 3 weeks and you want me to read please leave a comment else its all been marked as read 😦

And also with this we mark the 700th post of this blog … huge huge number… I am impressed with myself that the blog still interests me even after writing so many posts, I agree there have been many a fillers too but I think for me 700 is huge… so lets celebrate…. the next celebration here would be when I hit 1000 posts πŸ˜€