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First thing first I love the cover, second I love the name  There is no truth bigger than this in corporate world… “The Boss is not your Friend” full stop whatever he says or whatever you think other wise  And the book makes this simple thing clear in a not so crude manner. I mean when we say Boss is not your friend, it doesn’t mean that boss is you enemy either and one should head his way with a sword…

The book starts by proving that “Corporations are evil” and the way it does that one is sure that what lies ahead is a great entertaining read with insights in our everyday mad world…. And the point he makes is what me and N have discussed many a time between us. Companies run for business and nothing else. Employees just happen to be a part of it, fine there could be companies which could say they are employee friendly and sure they are but still “Corporations are evil”  and read the book to know why

Vijay has an amazing sense of humor that is evident all across the book, in the jokes he cracks or the advice he dishes out in not to preachy way or even the alternate name of the chapters like for eg  “Banging the Boss” . He keeps the book light which is a pleasant surprise specially considering its actually a non fiction which are not really my cup of tea. I don’t do a lot of non fiction but this book held my attention till the end.

The book took me back to many a moments where I have argued with the HR, or wanted the curse the boss under my breath and as an added advantage is the brilliant quiz in the book…

Any person with some experience in the corporate would love the book, N also read it and read it one sitting that too and that is a big thing to say when it comes to him, he usually takes ages to finish a book. Left us both wondering why didn’t some one get the idea of writing this before, what took it so long 😉

The book also left me craving to go back to corporate though I used to say I hate it but I think I still do but the book made me realise that there are many things I miss about that life too. Small things that did make the life I had bearable and fruitful. May be I am ready to go back and sending the book was god’s err blogadda’s way of making me realise that he he

For me the book was a nice entertaining read around the corporate world which teaches a thing or two without being preachy

Rating – 3.5/5